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Our GSPs have come from various backgrounds. Our first, Troy, was of Booton and Subar extract. Katie, who we obtained to quiet Troy down [that failed miserably] was a Sigourney and little Billie, was a Paulgun. By then, 6 years had gone by and we decided we had enough knowledge of the breed to start taking everything more seriously. Troy was soon to be a veteran, Katie was really too big to show, plus she had torn a ligament in her shoulder, and Billie, bless her, had spondylosis of the spine.

So we started looking around for a possible future brood bitch and were accepted by Jean Bates' Hillanhi Kennel. However, we decided not to proceed with our first litter until Cas turned three, little suspecting what lie in store! When puppies failed to appear for the second time in 2009, it was suggested we take on Freddie [Hillanhi / Keigame background]. But finally in 2010 we had success after near disaster with Logan and Oliver arriving.

Since then Cas has had another two puppies, including Storm, who was set to take over as brood bitch in 2013 but was tragically killed in a road traffic accident in the September of that year and so, we found our newly established line in peril and realised it could only continue via Cas’ son, Logan.  So we looked for another bitch and went for Booton Chatrez Avec Quindrew.

These pages celebrate our dogs both present and past. They are all [or have been] great individuals and characters and have enhanced our lives no end. We are honoured that they have shared our lives.

In Memory