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Welcome to Quindrew Multi-Purpose German Shorthaired Pointers.  We like to say "Multi-Purpose" because our dogs are fit for many different kinds of activities, whether it be working as a gundog, doing agility, making an appearance in the show ring etc.

We have been involved with the breed since 1997 and have owned GSPs of various breeding [Starag, Sigourney, Paulgun and Hillanhi - which are all working and show lines].

It was as our first owned GSP, Troy [Starag Island Tempest Of Quindrew] was approaching his seventh birthday, that we realised we needed a new youngster to bring on and perhaps, after that amount of time in the breed, that we would look for a foundation bitch on which to base our kennel.

Spotting a little  note in the dog press, we saw that the world famous Hillanhi Kennels, owned by Jean Bates [International Championship Show judge] was advertising that a mating of her bitch was taking place.  Not thinking we would be in with a chance at a puppy from this kennel, we contacted Jean, who told us she would be in contact when the puppies arrived.

We were delighted when having been quizzed by Jean at our first meeting after the puppies were born, that we were going to be a new puppy owner.  Cas [Hillanhi Jocasta Of Quindrew] arrived just before Christmas in 2003.  Coming from this prestigious kennel, it was no surprise to learn that she is a grand-daughter of Sh Ch Hillanhi Laith [GSP brood bitch record holder with 10 champions to her credit] and a great-grand-daughter of Sh Ch Hillanhi Hjordis [CC record holder for the breed up until April 2008, when another great-grand-daughter, Sh Ch Barleyarch Pickpocket, took over the record].

We believe in healthy, happy and fit for purpose dogs, so they get plenty of exercise.  Although they are part of our family and we love them dearly, we know they require activities to keep them occupied, so undergo basic obedience training [planting the foundation for any other training they undertake], gundog training and, in some cases, agility.  Social manners are also considered a very important aspect of having a healthy, happy dog and we take every opportunity to make sure they experience all sorts of different situations, from busy shopping streets, to game fairs, being around children and, being handled.

Of course, they have lots of fun too!

Fit for Function, Multi-Purpose German Shorthaired Pointers

Above is a portrait taken by Dog World Photographer, Lewis Beaucutt, of our beautiful Storm [Quindrew Aurora] daughter of Cas, who was tragically killed at two and a half before she had the chance to have her first litter.  A great loss, as Storm was a natural gundog and was able to retrieve birds without any training, including pigeon, which puts a lot of dogs off because of the way they drop their feathers.

Cas’s line will now continue via her sons.