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Welcome to the Quindrew MyoTherapy Centre website.  Our aim is to provide myotherapy treatment to dogs to not only maintain and improve their mobility and fitness, but also to improve the overall quality of life.

What is Myotherapy?

Myotherapy is a complimentary therapy that specialises in the treatment of damaged or injured muscle and its allied soft tissue to promote muscle function.  Muscular injuries can manifest themselves in several different ways and the resultant pain can cause stress that affects how a dog functions both physically and psychologically.  Using different specialised techniques the myotherapist will ease the congestion within the affected muscle fibres that has been caused by injury, repetitive strain issues or compensation, to carefully help to alleviate stress surrounding affected joints being articulated by the affected muscles.  Joint function and range of movement can be improved which results in increased mobility, performance and also in the reduction of the perception of pain which reduces stress and allied symptoms.

Myotherapy can also assist in the management of progressive conditions:

In addition to treating dogs with injuries, we also work with canine athletes to help prevent possible injury, improve performance and also shorten recovery times between events.

Muscle Conditioning

We can also offer specific muscle conditioning exercises to address stamina issues, build up the strength of the deep muscles, and generally increase the flexibility of the dog.  This is particularly useful for dogs that primarily run fast and mainly in straight lines, but will also help the show dog and other working animals as well as pets.

Veterinary Consent

We work closely with veterinarians and only work with dogs that have been referred to us by their vet [this is actually required by the Veterinary Act 1962].


 We have studied for approximately three years, studying canine anatomy and myotherapy techniques and are fully qualified and insured to perform these treatments.

If your dog is insured, providing it has the proviso for claiming complimentary therapy treatment you can claim via your insurance and we will issue you an invoice to enable you to do so.

Quindrew MTC - “Maintaining and improving mobility and fitness in dogs”

Member of the International Association of Animal Therapists

Booking a Session

If you wish to book a treatment session, you will need to be referred by your vet.  Please go to the forms page to download the veterinary referral form and the client authorisation form which you will need to sign.

Once your vet has signed the referral form, please telephone us on 07957 872 592 to arrange a date and time for a visit.  We will come to you to perform the treatment.

If you would like more information on myotherapy, please phone the above number or contact us via the contact page.

Note: our range of treatment is a 30 mile radius around Lincoln, Lincolnshire.  Further distances will be subject to additional travel costs.