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T.E. & Oscar

I was initially unsure if it was fair to offer Oscar as a case study; he is a very special boy but can be challenging. Oscar is a GSD X husky we rescued at 7 mths old, and brought him to his 4th and forever home. Oscar is very wary of strangers, & would not let me groom his tail and shorts.

I need not have worried, Jacqui was very calm and confident with Oscar, even when he was being naughty. Prior to having the treatments Oscar only laid on his left side in the house, although I hadn't noticed.

The benefits of Jacqui treating Oscar have been numerous:

Oscar sees Jacqui regularly to monitor his muscles and check for any muscle issues developing from his strenuous hobbies.

Quindrew MTC works hard treating dogs with all sorts of ailments, and also canine athletes.  Here are some testimonials we have received.  Thanks to those of you who have taken the time to send us your thoughts, it is much appreciated.

KC & Leah

When Leah injured her back we were worried she wouldn't like being leaned over by a stranger and touched all over - we were so wrong! Jacqui took things at her pace and even let her lay on the sofa with her head on my lap so she'd feel more comfortable. By the third session Leah positioned herself happily for the work and on the 4th session she lay down, closed her eyes and fell half asleep!

A few days after each session we saw a huge improvement in her mobility and her excitable and independent personality was coming back.

We can't thank you enough, you gave us our girlie back!